New website

It’s been a long time since we posted an update, things have been very busy here, and moved very quickly this summer!
Following on from Market trading and trading at a LARP event, we decided to give Tewkesbury Medieval Festival a go, loved, it and haven’t looked back!

We have just got home from Caldicot, after our last event of the summer. We have traded at a festival most weekends from July until now! We have also started selling some new items that we have bought in, firstly, because we didn’t have time between event to keep up with replenishing stock, and secondly, we wanted to add a bit more variety. These new items are currently, hair dye, alternative clothing (including Frock Coat which were extremely popular with the pirates), throws, and Fairy houses. This led us to needing another webshop, etsy was fine for our own made items, but items tahat we resell, need to be in our own shop.

So, it is very early days, but we now have our very own webshop, and full website please pop by and visit us 🙂



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